AGSC’s One Day Program

A One Day a Week Enrichment Program for Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Children   

We are still accepting applications for 2017 for both ACT and Perth

Please note that applications are processed in order of reciept. 


*ACT will be held at Kambah on Thursday during 2017 – Theme ‘Think Like a Scientist’*

*Perth will be held at Balga on Wednesday during 2017 – Theme ‘Maths – More then just Numbers’*

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Would you love your child to attend a program that

  • allows them to gain insight into themselves and how they work?
  • allows them to develop friendships with like-minded peers who value and understand them?
  • is project based, flexible and also focuses on their social and emotional development?

Imagine if that could happen every week……………

It can!

If this appeals to you

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What is it?

In Term 4, 2016 we launched in ACT. After a very successful term, we continued in ACT and launched in Perth in term 1, 2017.

Our Enrichment Program is a private, selective educational program for formally identified moderately to profoundly gifted children, with or without additional differences, aged 7-12, who are in need of extra educational experiences and time spent with their true peers.

Children attend our program one day a week instead of attending at the school in which they are enrolled. Our aim is to enrich these students, expanding their minds, while giving them the chance to socialise with like-minded peers.

“Just like most parents, I was full of trepidation on the first day of the enrichment program. Although this program was something we felt that our daughter desperately needed, we were unsure how she would cope given that most days at school end in tears. I was overcome with emotion at the end of the first day when she jumped in the car and told me she had just had the best day of her life, adored the program and could not wait to attend again next week. Beyond the first week, the program has had such a positive effect, which has flowed on to all facets of her life.  Her confidence has increased and her anxiety has decreased.  She is a much happier child all round.  She feels included and valued by teachers and students at the enrichment program.  Having the enrichment program mid-week also breaks up the school week and makes a perfect balance to the week. Thank you to all the staff at AGSC who have made this program possible.” 

“He loved every minute of it and our Principal has said that his work at his regular school has improved likely as a result of his attendance.”


What can this program offer gifted students and their families?

  • The opportunity to meet weekly and work with like-minded students, providing them with the opportunity to form friendships
  • A challenging program with opportunities to explore areas of interest, allowing the time to fully develop projects, and delve deeply into the area of study
  • A social-emotional program that will run each week as part of the day to help develop skills in self awareness, communication, and confidence in their own abilities
  • Small class sizes (maximum of 15 students per class) Child teacher ratio 1:8
  • A fully-registered, experienced teacher with training in gifted education plus an experienced support assistant for each class
  • A team who has had many years of experience and formal qualifications in Gifted and Special Needs Education (see our team below) preparing, and developing the program and who are available to support both students and families in all areas regarding gifted needs

Where and when?

ACT – Kambah  9am – 3pm Thursdays from week 2 til week 9 during the school term

Perth – Balga  9am – 2.30pm Wednesdays from week 2 til week 9 during the school term


Interested? Want to know more?

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