Events coming to ACT  Term 3 2017

Regular Friday Night Group – aged 10-18 plus parents

Primary school age events

Social skills workshops 


Consultations and Assessments


Friday Night Group

An opportunity for gifted students who are 10-18 years old to hang out and be with others of like mind. A new challenge each time.

“My kids sometimes feel ‘different’ at school, and need to self-censor. At the ‘Friday Hangout’ they feel free to be as eccentric and quirky as they like. It’s great. And their parents can natter over a cuppa, with other parents who know they aren’t forcing or hot-housing their kids. This is the best part, better for me, even than the benefit to my kids. It is also great for the kids to be with different age kids who ‘get’ them.” One Parent’s view

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28 July

25 August


Primary School age events

An afternoon of Myths and Legends

An afternoon for Gifted Children aged 4-12.

Workshops, games, craft, and even some time to make new friends!!

2 September 2017   Book here



Social skills workshops

Currently no dates booked for term 3. Please contact me if you are interested.

Managing Big Emotions

This workshop will focus on the big emotions that gifted children often find hard to manage. Through books, and activities we will look at practical strategies to regulate behaviour and act when worried, angry, stressed or nervous. We will look at the role the brain plays in how we behave and also the use of strategies like breathing and relaxation in managing our actions. 

Making and Keeping Friends

This workshop will look at the values of friendship, different levels of friendship and help to develop skills that will help the children interact with others in a happy productive way.

Resilience 7 – 11 year olds

This workshop will look at topics including Mistakes: What happens if I make a mistake, Why mistakes are good and handling mistakes; Your Brain: How it changes and grows, challenging your thoughts, perfectionism; Stress: managing stress and anxiety, what you can control in your life, relaxation techniques.




This year the theme is SPACE!

Take off for 2 days of fun, exciting activities, workshops, games and exploring.
You could meet Dr Who, be transported to Mars or beyond, build a space ship, have a Star Wars adventure…
Who knows?

The Theme provides inspiration for a wide range of activities including science and invention, maps, world travel, countries and cultures.  All these ideas will be explored through craft, creation, invention, drama, storytelling, and other hands-on activities.  There will be plenty of time for imagination, fun and making new friends


27-29 October 2017      Book here


Assessments and consultations.

Comprehensive Developmental Assessment

Perhaps you know something is going on with your child but are not sure what or maybe you are not even sure they really are gifted. Australian Gifted Support Centre offers a Comprehensive Developmental Assessment which is of great value if you are looking for where to find answers. The assessments have been designed to identify giftedness, to highlight strengths in your child and any possible learning differences, or issues. Your child’s situation will then be analysed and a formal written report will be completed.

Brief IQ and Achievement Assessments
Are you wondering if your child is gifted or achieving at a higher than expected level but would like some evidence? Not sure whether to go ahead and book that pricey private psychologist appointment? We can administer the Kaufmann Brief IQ Test as well as the Kaufmann Test of Educational Achievement. You will need to check if these are accepted as evidence for your school, but even if they aren’t, they are an opportunity to tell whether to make that potentially expensive appointment for a private IQ assessment.


Are you wondering what program is suitable for your child? Do you have questions about your child’s development? Are you looking for some general advice? Would you rather a personal one-on-one consultation for your child and how to manage their emotions? Are you struggling with how you are going and just want to talk to someone who understands parenting gifted children? Anything else? We offer these (and many other) types of consultations.


If you would like to attend any of these events, wish to have your name added to our email database to be informed of all events coming up, or just want more information, contact 

Lyndal Reid:
or ring or text 0408 436 182