About professional development workshops Helen has presented

This has been the most worthwhile Professional Learning I have undertaken in a long time.
Deputy Principal – Primary Sydney

The teachers are still talking about the professional development day. This is excellent and we are moving forward well now.  Thank you so much
High School  G & T Co ordinator

Just thought I would give you an update on the SUCCESS of the Staff Development Day. The school is currently buzzing for Gifted and Talented! Thank you for your efforts, contribution, time, and the support that you have provided myself and the school community. Friday was fantastic and the staff are still communicating their pleasure in the day. This is never done after a staff development day and I am so glad that it had the impact that I thought it would. I appreciate everything you have done to support me and our programs are going to be all revised due to the presentation. My principal could not be happier and is looking realistically at what can be implemented into the school community to support these students. It has given me great direction for the rest of my time in this role this year. G & T co ordinator Catholic H.S. Sydney.