Does your preschooler

  • Seem unwilling or unable to learn alphabet, numbers?
  • Have difficulty to focus long enough to grasp and follow instructions?
  • Flit from one thing to another?

Does your primary school child struggle with

  • The dyslexia characteristics of
  • Poor reading and understanding of the content (reading comprehension)?
  • Inconsistent spelling
  • Poor written work
  • Mental arithmetic?
  • Interacting  appropriately in peer activities?
  • Problems memorizing math facts?
  • Keeping friends?
  • Beginning or persisting homework independently?
  • Planning and packing for an activity?
  • Solving multi-step math problems, especially word problems?
  • Participating in team sports?

Does your high school child

  • Have problems with spatial awareness, reading and following traffic cues?
  • Interrupt, talk excessively, or not listen to others?
  • Produce essays and reports that are short, sloppy, and disorganized?3

These struggles will have an impact on their learning, friendships development and general experience of school.  There can be many different reasons that these characteristics develop.  In order to specifically identify the underlying reasons that are affecting your child it is important to undertake a Comprehensive Developmental Assessment.

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