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Giftedness in Early Childhood


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Central Auditory Processing Disorder Dudeney H., 2006 What is Central Auditory Processing and how can it impact on a child’s learning.
Unique Needs, Unique Response Dudeney H., 2004 Educational provisions for highly to exceptionally gifted children
Relocation or Replacement Dudeney H., 2007 Using grade skipping to find a more appropriate placement for your gifted child
Myths about the Gifted Silverman, L.K.(undated) , This article provides a response to the many misconceptions that exist about what giftedness really is
Understanding Sensory Sensitivities Booklist compiled by Stephanie Leonard , A range of useful books for parents, teachers and children to provide a better understanding of sensory sensitivities and the importance of sensory integration.
S’cool Moves – You and your child’s health Johnson, S., 1994, Some developmental milestones that are necessary for children to be sucessful in learning literacy and other school activities
A range of articles relating to Giftedness in Early Childhood

A letter from a school Principal on supporting your children through COVID-19