Comments about our camps from parents who attended with their children.

The most important thing about the camp for our family is the opportunity for my daughter to meet other children who are equally gifted and creative as this is extremely difficult in the current school system. I hardly see her all weekend.
The main benefit to my family was that it allowed me to see my child in a new way. At school, teachers see him as immature with difficult behaviour (he is the youngest in a class with ages spanning 2.5 years, so it’s easy to look immature). What I saw on camp was how much more independent, socially appropriate, well behaved and mature he is than his gifted age peers. He really was more like children 12 -18 months older than him than those born within a couple of weeks of him. It made me appreciate the child I have.
This was a terrific weekend for my children and for me. The food was excellent, and well thought out in terms of allergies/sensitivities, etc. Great opportunity to talk to other parents and see other kids in action. My children came home brimming over with everything they had done, and with contacts from new friends.
Very well organised camp. The children effortlessly move through the programme and reconvene with parents at meal times. Helen Dudeney is now an expert at managing all the aspects of these camps and enlists assistance from parents and students so that everyone is involved but not burdened. A wonderful weekend to be enjoyed with your child and other families.

There was an energetic vibe to the camp, and all of the kids seemed to be having tremendous fun.
It was pleasant, accommodating, well organised, friendly, catered for needs. My son started to realise that he was not so different, and did not have to act silly or be naughty, because he found children he could relate and talk to understanding the way he spoke. He was apprehensive about going at first. But has since asked when is the next camp. I have also started to notice more positive changes, socially , and emotionally, understanding & and self awareness is improving. Thank you

I was quite amazed at how completely engaged the children were and how the theme smoothly transitioned them into learning subjects and retaining the information. The camp gave wonderful opportunities for freedom of expression and friendship.

Harry Potter Camp was amazing it kept the kids busy all weekend despite the raining conditions with trivia quiz, science experiments and craft. The Saturday Night talent quest was a great opportunity for everyone to see enthusiastic kids in the zone and using their talents to entertain or just sit back and enjoy the show. Oh yeah and you won’t go home hungry – delicious food was in abundance!!!!

The Harry Potter Camp was a great opportunity for my son not only to learn more about maths and science in fun ways but also to meet other kids with similar interests . He also enjoyed the excitement of going away on camp and sleeping on a bunk bed ! Thanks for all your hard work in making it happen.
Magical! My kids had a great time and they are already speculating about what the next camp theme might be… they tell me we WILL be coming back.

About Stepping Stones Social Skills Courses

For our son to be informed that his very sophisticated view of what a friend is compared to the day to day reality of children’s interactions and friendships helped him to be a bit more self accepting.

The course provided my son with a better understanding of social structures and how to expect interactions with age peers to work, and provided him with some tools to assist him with this. He has grown socially since the course, and seems to be happier in himself, which was our objective.

The staff were most accommodating and knowledgeable and do fantastic work. Thank you for putting on the course.

Thanks for the program in Canberra at the beginning of the month.  My son found it really good and we have been using some of the ideas and skills for both of our children. I look forward to receiving the follow up information.
Thanks again for everything this weekend.  It was most interesting and has given me a lot more to consider.

Thank you very much for highly useful workshop that you organised and delivered for the children.  My son certainly came home with positive experience with more tangible tools which he could explore in the group situation.

What my son and I have learned in this Stepping Stones course has changed how our whole family works.  We are a much happier family.
Mother of 3 boys

About assessment and counseling services

I am quite impressed at how quickly this assessment process (and you) have come to understand my daughter so well.  I have crossed paths with so many people who do not “get her” at all.

We would like to convey that we feel the time we have spent with you has been very beneficial. We appreciate the efforts you have made to understand our daughter’s individual needs. We also feel the price has been very good value, based both on your hours of input and the quality of output. We would certainly recommend you.

I will feel a great deal more confident advocating for Matthew with these resources at hand.  It is very, very much appreciated that you had them available for us to take tomorrow.
Mother 6 year old son

I am very grateful for all of your help, working with our daughter. She has continued to put most of your suggestions and strategies with regard to note taking, studying for exams and organising her workload into practice!
Mother  Teenage daughter

Helen, I want to thank you for giving me confidence in trailing my daughter on medication for her ADHD (Inattentive type) while still in Primary School.  I plan to keep Lauren enrolled in tutoring all next year as I think this is also beneficial to Lauren.  I believe now Lauren will do really well next year and going forward into High School.
Mother 10 year old daughter

Thank you very much for seeing my son and me during your busy week and for giving such a comprehensive report. It has given me great practical advice for what I can do to support him and I’m looking forward to seeing further improvement!
Mother 9 year old son

We would like to convey that we feel the time we have spent with you has been very beneficial. We appreciate the efforts you have made to understand our daughter’s individual needs. We also feel the price has been very good value, based both on your hours of input and the quality of output. We would certainly recommend you, as our friend did to us.
Parents 6 year old daughter

This is an amazingly informative newsletter full of great meaty info.  Thank you!

About Parent Information Seminars

20th September 2017 – Bright but struggling – Under-performing gifted children

It was very informative and it was nice to know there are others like us having similar problems that are not abnormal.

Mother & father  6 year old son

The workshop was informative. I also found the resource materials helpful and will apply some of the strategies to assist my child.

Mother  7 year old son and 9 year old daughter

Helen is a very knowledgeable and engaging presenter. Her material is high quality and have vast hands-on experience allowed her to provide solid answers to the myriad of questions in the room It was such a valuable experience for me as the parent of a highly gifted child. Thank you.

Mother 9 year old daughter