Mathematics and your gifted child – part 2

  My previous article looked at why we learn mathematics and how mathematics helps us develop our brain. In this article I will try to give you a few suggestions about resources to help your more able and less able children find joy in mathematics. There are many hundreds of resources both online and in […]

Mathematics and your gifted child – part 1

Why Learn Mathematics I often hear about how most mathematics we learn in school is useless. How many times have you seen a social media post mentioning how often they have used algebra since they left school, or who would ever buy 10 watermelons etc.? As a mathematics specialist I have often thought about that. […]

Perfectionism – frequently asked questions

We regularly get asked about how to assist children who are perfectionists, especially when this leads to procrastination or avoidance of any challenging new task. Here are some of the recurrent questions we get.   FLEXIBILITY We struggle with our child taking everything so literally – e.g. – When we are going on a trip […]


Many of the clients we see mention the problems they or their children have regarding sleep. For some it is difficulties with getting ready for bed, others find they lie awake for long periods of time before they fall asleep and others describe that while getting to sleep isn’t a problem, they often find themselves […]

A letter from a gifted student

My Dear Teacher, I looked forward to going to school for a long time. When my deep and never-ending curiosity and unimaginable questions wore out the grown-ups around me, I simply said to myself “My teacher will be able to answer all of my questions when I go to school…” When my imagination made the […]

Welcome to School at Home

Significant events like the spread of COVID-19 or a school closure, can create a lot of anxiety in both children and adults. When there is this kind of uncertainty and confusion, it’s important to focus on the things we can do as this can help to reduce some of those larger anxieties. While talking to […]

Christmas Parties with Gifted and Socially Challenged Kids

One of the many challenges our brightest kids find is that they don’t have the social skills to “have fun” and “fit in” at social gatherings. This can cause a number of problems especially at a time like Christmas when families find themselves invited to more social events than they normally would be throughout the […]


We often hear about the need to build resilience in our children. What do we mean by resilience? Why is it important? How can we help our children become more resilient? Resilience is a word that means the ability to return to the original position or form after being bent, compressed or stretched. It also […]

How to be a Good Loser

One of the skills we should try to master in life is how to be gracious in defeat. It is highly likely that we will not always win. Some will get around this by not playing the game. But then miss out on all the fun. Very Young Children When a 3 year old doesn’t […]

Should I get my child assessed?

One of the most common questions we are asked is “Should I get my child assessed?” The answer to that question varies as everyone is different. It will depend on the individual needs of each family. There are a range of reasons why you may choose to have an assessment for your child. Our most […]