Cogmed Computer Based Working Memory Training Program

This 12 month program includes five weeks intensive training where the trainee is supported by a qualified coach, that can be done in your own home in your own timeframe. This is followed by a further 100 extension sessions over the balance of the year.

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Does your preschooler

  • Seem unwilling or unable to learn alphabet, numbers?
  • Have difficulty to focus long enough to grasp and follow instructions?
  • Flit from one thing to another?

Does your primary school child struggle with

  • Reading and understanding the content (reading comprehension)?
  • Mental arithmetic?
  • Interacting  appropriately in peer activities?
  • Problems memorizing math facts?
  • Keeping friends?
  • Beginning or persisting homework independently?
  • Planning and packing for an activity?
  • Solving multi-step math problems, especially word problems?
  • Participating in team sports?

Does your high school child

  • Have problems with spatial awareness, reading and following traffic cues?
  • Interrupt, talk excessively, or not listen to others?
  • Produce essays and reports that are short, sloppy, and disorganized?

Do you

  • Forget where you left your keys, but clearly remember incidents from your childhood?
  • Go to the supermarket, even go to the right aisle and then forget what you need?
  • Start a sentence and forget what you were going to say?
  • Go into the spare room and then wonder what you were looking for?
  • Experience frustration due to forgetfulness?

If so they could have a poor working memory.

Contact us to find out the underlying reasons for these struggles and how to improve working memory.



Working Memory Training

AGSC offers the evidence based Cogmed Computer Based Working Memory Training


As a result of undertaking this Working Memory training program MY CHILD will

  • Undertake 25 days intensive working memory training at home
  • Have the opportunity to do a further 100 days of extended training over the following 12 months
  • Measurably improve their attention through improved working memory
  • Have increased confidence in their ability
  • Experience how hard work leads to improvement and success
  • Develop an increased understanding of intrinsic rewards
  • Learn some short term goal setting skills
  • Improve working memory which is essential for all academic skills
  • Be able to follow instructions more accurately
  • Be less likely to be distracted when needing to focus

As a result of your child doing this program PARENTS will

  • Work as their training aide and share with them the successes they achieve
  • Gain a greater understanding of how your child thinks and how hard they often have to work
  • Enjoy having a child with more confidence and increased willingness to ‘have a go’
  • Practice your own working memory skills
  • Have less battles with your child around tasks that require focus and effort

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