Learn skills to manage those big emotions like frustration, anger, sadness, fear and loneliness.

Reduce the meltdowns, tantrums, verbal or physical outbursts, defiance

Handling emotions appropriately is essential for interacting with others. Social skills are the foundation stone of a child’s development. With better developed social skills children can:

  • Have greater school success
  • Increase their independence
  • Interact with others more positively
  • Established and maintain quality friendships

The Stepping Stones program is a specially designed course aimed to teach strategies to support bright and gifted children in the development of:

  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Anti-bullying strategies
  • Emotional regulation
  • Anger management
  • Resilience

Children who attend the courses will

  • Develop an understand of how emotions affect behaviour
  • Develop a broader emotional vocabulary
  • Understand the link between behaviour and consequences
  • Learn the difference between reacting and responding
  • Learn about the brain’s role in behaviour
  • Learn more about themselves
  • Learn strategies for managing behaviour
  • Meet others who struggle with emotions or friendships like they do
  • Have the opportunity to develop new friendships
  • Practice group and social skills with other bright children
  • Improve the emotional regulation necessary for school success
  • Interact with others more positively
  • Have fun.

Full details of our upcoming courses in Sydney, Canberra and Perth are listed below:

Our aim is to develop provide a flexible social skills program that is tailored to meet the needs of each child attending. Teaching will take place in small group settings, providing students with multiple opportunities to practice their skills while interacting with their group peers. Parents are encouraged to attend the courses to learn about the strategies their children are learning thus allowing them to support their children in applying them in everyday situation. The program will provide structured activities that are enjoyable whilst allowing the students to develop new skills.  Stepping Stones uses strategies that draw upon the most current research techniques and knowledge from educational and academic leaders from around the world. We combine this knowledge and our own teaching and counselling experience to create a balanced program that aims to provide students with meaningful and practical strategies that they can use independently across a range of settings.

Stepping Stones Courses 2016  Down load a PDF flyer with more details of each of the different workshops
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Upcoming Courses

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