The Camp program is currently on hold due to COVID 19.

This will be reviewed in 2024.

Past themes include A weekend at Hogwarts!

Join the Professors for 2 days of fun and exciting activities based on

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Series. We will have a wide range of activities, workshops, games and exploration time.

Classes may include potions, Transfiguration, magical creatures and more.

Enjoy the inter house competition and a game of Quiddich and a visit to Diagon Alley.

Activities will require your creative, imaginative, scientific and problem solving skills. An extensive knowledge of the books is not essential. Novice and highly experienced Hogwart’s students all welcome.


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Want to learn more? We are now taking enrolments for our 2016 Weekend Camps for gifted and talented children in Western Australia ACT  and New South Wales. Dates, locations and full details above.

Since 1990 I have been running camps in NSW and ACT (originally for the NSWAGTC) and now as part of AGSC and for the past five years in Western Australia and Victoria as well.  Scroll down to learn about the 2015 programs.

The strength of the camps has always been the children themselves. Giving gifted children the opportunity to spend time with like-minded peers engaged in interesting or challenging activities and social experiences is vital for their well being.

“If gifted and talented students are to achieve their potential, they require expanded educational opportunities beyond the scope of the regular school program.  The students need to explore different career options, crafts, ideas and skills that challenge their abilities. Our children need personal attention,adult commitment, role models they can admire and talk to.”(Hegeman, 1987, p123). The camp aims to address some of these needs within a fun supportive environment.


What will my child be doing at camp?

Every camp program is different. Based around a theme the children’s activities combine learning, questioning, hands on activities and exploring. The program includes instructional workshops looking at a range of different topics and free time in which social interaction and play are the aims. Activities allow for individual and group work. Children’s interests be it quiet activities like board games and craft or more energetic activities like sports and exploring are all catered for.

What do parents do at camp?

Parents attending the camps assist with the preparation of meals under the guidance of the camp co-ordinator and are also encouraged to be involved in the children’s activities if they wish. There is also time to spend talking with other parents and time to relax. A workshop for parents is often organized, to learn more about supporting gifted children’s needs.

What to bring to camp Kit list

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