IQ testing and more 

Identifying a young person’s strengths and challenges requires more than just an IQ test.

The holistic nature of our assessments are designed to identify giftedness and any possible learning differences, or issues, and to highlight strengths in your child or adolescent. Your unique characteristics will then be analysed and a formal written report will be completed. IQ testing and achievement testing are available as part of this comprehensive assessment. We have personnel in Sydney, Canberra and Perth who are able to conduct the assessment. We are able to conduct assessments for 4 – 25 year olds.

Assessments can be conducted in person in Sydney, Canberra and Perth. some assessments can be conducted online.

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Past client’s testimonials

After procrastinating for a long time about getting something like this done, I bit the bullet and booked my daughter in for an assessment with Helen. The process was clearly explained, easy to understand, logic based and very sound. Helen is calm, clear, friendly, professional, and gets on well with kids. Highly recommend.   Steph 2018

We were looking for someone to understand our son, not to see him as a number or a naughty child but to understand him. Helen did an incredible job assessing and getting to the root of our boys challenges. She has given us answers to questions no other professional even wanted to hear, let alone help us with. We cannot thank her enough for the amazing effort she put in and also for helping us understand our boys needs and given us strategies to help him. Miriam 2018 

Thank you so much for such detailed reports about my son’s abilities and challenges. It will be very useful as we move forward.  Alison 2018


Benefits of Comprehensive Assessment

As a result of doing this assessment MY CHILD of ADOLESCENT will

  • Gain a greater understanding of themselves
  • Develop learning skills using their strengths
  • Reduce their likelihood of underachievement
  • Avoid developing a sense of helplessness or failure
  • Learn more about their strengths and reasons for their weaknesses
  • Receive appropriate intervention to support unique needs
  • Avoid unnecessary visits to therapists
  • Be saved the pain of undetected learning difficulties
  • Realise that someone is acknowledging that they are finding things difficult even when they are trying hard

As a result of doing this assessment PARENTS will

  • Have a face to face feedback meeting to explain the full details of the assessment report.
  • Learn about their child’s developmental strengths, including possible giftedness and challenges, using a holistic approach
  • Gain information to identify and address underlying causes for behaviours or learning difficulties, rather than just addressing behaviours
  • Receive specific reports for the parent and the classroom teacher with information and strategies to foster a good working relationship between home and the school
  • Learn strategies relevant to their child’s  needs at home and at school
  • Be able to use these strategies to avoid ongoing problems
  • Receive recommendations and  referrals to follow up on specifically identified issues
  • Save time and money by following up on specifically identified issues

This process will enable us to provide a comprehensive program that meets the specific needs of your child. This process will take place from a multi-disciplinary perspective and if your child has specific needs then referrals will be made to relevant services.

We are able to assist families in all parts of Australia. With consultants located in Sydney, Canberra and Perth and via our online facilities any family or school with internet access can benefit from this program. Our assessments are suitable from 4 years to 25 years.

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Cognitive Assessments

We are now able to offer a brief IQ assessment and achievement test

IQ Test K-BIT 2 ( Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, 2nd Edition). This test assesses both verbal and non verbal skills and has a .77 correlation with the FSIQ and .84 with the GAI on the WISC IV. Suitable from 4 year of age.

Achievement Test K TEA3 ( Kaufman Brief Test of Educational Achievement). Suitable for 4 years to 25 years.

Frequently asked questions about assessing giftedness