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2018 Gifted & Talented Camps

We are excited to announce the dates of our 2018 Gifted & Talented Camps.

This year the theme is A Journey into the Past!

Take off for 2 days of fun, exciting activities, workshops, games and exploring.

Journey back in time, let’s discover the past together. What hidden treasures and secrets does the past hold? What adventures and trials will we explore? We have planned some fun and interesting activites, workshops, games and exploring.

Activities will require your creative, imaginative, scientific and problem solving skills. Extensive knowledge of history is not essential.

The Theme provides inspiration for a wide range of activities including science and invention, maps, world travel, countries and cultures.  All these ideas will be explored through craft, creation, invention, drama, storytelling, and other hands-on activities.  There will be plenty of time for imagination, fun and making new friends

Mittagong 18 – 20 May – For more information and to book

Perth  8 – 10 June – For more information and to book

Morisset 10 – 12 August – For more information and to book

Melbourne 26 – 28 October – For more information and to book 

ACT 16 – 18 November – For more information and to book 

You can learn more about our Gifted & Talented Camps here


The Importance of Working Memory

Where did I put my keys? My glasses? My phone?

Working memory is how we remember all the little things that make our day go smoothly.  If you or a family member experiences frustration due to forgetfulness you may have a problem.  You can read my post about the Importance of Working Memory to see how vital it is for everyday tasks.

Did you know that I can improve your working memory ?

For details about my upcoming course please contact me on 0417 208 562.