Welcome to School at Home

Significant events like the spread of COVID-19 or a school closure, can create a lot of anxiety in both children and adults. When there is this kind of uncertainty and confusion, it’s important to focus on the things we can do as this can help to reduce some of those larger anxieties. While talking to […]

Birthdays with Gifted and Socially Challenged Kids

  Sometimes out brightest kids find they are rarely invited to a party or if they are, find they don’t have the social skills to “have fun” and “fit in” at these social gatherings. Problems that can arise include Not knowing what to say Saying inappropriate (but true) things Finding the food difficult – this […]

Social Skills for Gifted Children

Social skills are the skills we use to get along with other people. Often we take our social skills for granted, without recognising how complex they are.  Much of what your child learns occurs in a social situation so these skills are necessary for the effectiveness of their education and, consequently, their self esteem.  A […]