We often hear about the need to build resilience in our children. What do we mean by resilience? Why is it important? How can we help our children become more resilient? Resilience is a word that means the ability to return to the original position or form after being bent, compressed or stretched. It also […]

How to be a Good Loser

One of the skills we should try to master in life is how to be gracious in defeat. It is highly likely that we will not always win. Some will get around this by not playing the game. But then miss out on all the fun. Very Young Children When a 3 year old doesn’t […]

What are Study Skills

WHAT ARE STUDY SKILLS? What are study skills and can they be learned? How much did you learn at school?  It was probably a few years ago – you can probably remember some of the things you learned, but maybe not as much as you should.  How did you cope with studying?  Did you deal […]

ADHD – What does it look like?

ADHD – What does it look like? Do you think your child has ADHD?  Your child may be inattentive in class, or fidgety.  Or perhaps they often do things without thinking about the consequences.  Perhaps they’ve been labelled “naughty” or “troublesome”. Your child may be high spirited or easily distracted because their thoughts are elsewhere, […]

What are Social Skills?

WHAT ARE SOCIAL SKILLS? We all want to be liked.  We may not all crave to be the most popular, but we do need friends, and it’s certainly something we want for our kids.  While some children seem to have a natural knack for jumping into a group and feeling right at home, some children […]


You’ve been wandering around online, reading about ways to help your kids and you’ve come across the term “gut health” – often in articles about brain function and mental ability. Maybe you’re wondering what the connection is between gut and brain? Recent advances have shown that the efficient functioning of the gut has a direct […]

Christmas Toys Worth Giving

Part 1 – Promoting Social Interaction and Confidence How many times have you given a costly or complicated toy to a child who either: a) got more value out of the packaging; or b) ended up with a tear stained face and some bits of broken plastic; or c) tried really hard but just couldn’t […]

The Importance of Working Memory

Is this you? – Do you forget where you left your keys, but clearly remember incidents from your childhood? – Do you go to the supermarket, even go to the right aisle and then forget what you need? – Do you start a sentence and forget what you were going to say? – Do you […]

Stress Management

Stress is a normal part of living , we need it. It can be productive in that it can increase our alertness, focus and provide energy to repond to the challenge of the situation. It can also have a negative impact on our ability to copy. The following articles give you some insights into the […]