Gifted 2E Support, Australia is an association focused on supporting parents, families and those who work with twice-exceptional children, through the provision of educational consultancy, advocacy, support, networking systems, services, and products to ease the complexities of life with twice-exceptionality.

As you would be well aware; life for parents of twice-exceptional children can be erratic and challenging, as well as rewarding. Often the most difficult aspect is supporting these children through their learning journeys. Our mission is to support those within the parent and professional community of Australia who are finding it challenging getting the services and education they need for the twice-exceptional children and adolescents in their care. With this, all funds donated and profits made through our online shop go toward this cause.

The primary aims of Gifted 2E support are:

  • To help support parents and professionals with parental and learning strategies, contacts and advocacy, and support products which may assist twice-exceptional children to succeed and become the great adults, they have the potential to be.
  • To provide an avenue for networking with parents of twice-exceptional children to allow the gaining of support from shared experiences and, with this, opportunities to make like-minded friends.

Attached are the advertisements for our new tutoring service, the poetry competition, and a general flier about Gifted 2E Support.

Thank you for supporting our cause!