Early Childhood

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A range of Articles looking at Giftedness in early childhood, including identification, school readiness end early entry or acceleration. For more articles relating to this and other aspects of giftedness visit www.gifteddevelopment.com

Importance of Play
This is a short but interesting article about unstructured, active play and its importance for learning life skills, developing imagination and creativity. Dr Barrett is concerned that by de-prioritising play we may be headed for a generation of depressed and anxious children.

Giftedness In Early childhood – Canada Association
This link will provide a wealth of useful information about young gifted children

Starting School
School Readiness Preparing Your Child for School – Article by Ian Wallace

Sensory Motor Development
Article by Dr S. Johnson

Early Entry and Acceleration Questions
Replacement or relocation – Article by Helen Dudeney

FAQ About Assessment
What do I need to consider when deciding on having my child assessed?

Recognising Giftedness
What developmental characteristics to look for in young children

Importance of Early Identification
Dr Linda Silverman discusses why and when identification needs to be considered.

Giftedness in young children
What to look for or how to understand the behaviours or you young gifted child.

Early childhood Gifted Checklist